Sunday, 8 June 2014

Kids today eh?

As I ran (yes ran, managing to run over 3 miles without stopping, or passing out these days) round my local park today, I came across some people looking at a shopping trolley that had been thrown in some bushes. I can’t be certain (as of course I ran past them so quickly, a blur of black overstuffed lycra) but they were certainly not happy at what they saw, and I can imagine a ‘bloody kids’ conversation was being had.

As I continued on my run I could not get the image out of my head, and how I wished I’d stopped to join in the on (what I imagine were Daily Mail readers) conversation.

I would have stopped and said, “Kids today eh? Shocking, throwing this trolley in the bushes of a beautiful public park that our taxes pay for. Lazily throwing this trolley into the bushes, when there is a perfectly good river and pond, just yards away! I blame those Playboxes they are always glued to, and them Cleverphones, making them lazy, back in my day we knew where to hurl our stolen trolley’s, always in water, never a bush! No respect for tradition, kids today eh?”

I would have then jogged on, leaving my elderly fellow park users bemused, and maybe fondly remembering the image of a rusting shopping trolley in a beloved park water feature from their past, a tear forming in the cornet of their eye…..

Not condoning leaving shopping trolleys in parks, but at least it shows they were out the house getting some fresh air and exercise, and not shooting zombie’s on their Playbox…..

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