Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I’m Still in Love with You

Is there any sentence that will make you stop, think, remember and consider more than, “I’m still in love with you”?

Memories will flood, tender touches, smiles, longing and belonging, hot passion, the smell of their skin, the sound of their voice, how they take their tea, will all be remembered, and missed.

The song you had forgotten about, will suddenly be in your head, and not leave for days,

An urge to open boxes and look for photos will over power, and smiles will spread, tears will be shed, and in your mind “what if” asked…

If you can look at what you have, with years gone by, and your scars healed hard, then lucky you are,

But for many those promises made were then broken, tears of joy turn bitter, tears of desertion,

Years have been spent recovering, licking wounds, and becoming strong,

All undone by a simple sentence, “I’m still in love you with you”.

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