Friday, 20 June 2014


Honesty. Now there’s a deceitful word. Normally used when you are desperately trying not to be caught out, when the lie is so huge, using honesty is the best lie of all. Honesty I love you, honestly she means nothing to me, honestly I didn’t know she was your mother.

How many of us settle, how many of us meet a person, a decent, loving person, that won’t let you down, that loves you, and wants nothing more than to make you happy, and honestly loves you. And what do you do? In most cases, trample on their hearts and move on to the next ‘honest’ person.

But there comes a time, when such wide eyed honesty can actually make an impact. When such faith in you, as a person, stops you in your insecure, cynical tracks, and you take notice. You weaken, you let someone in.

Now honestly, from experience that is the way of the broken heart, but it is also the way to true happiness, some times the truth hurts, in a good way.

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