Monday, 14 March 2011

Time and Tide

Time and tide wait for no man, but when that man is sipping Prosecco for breakfast, he’s happy to let time jog on ahead, and has never had a problem with getting his feet wet.
Yes the day has finally arrived, today is my birthday, and I am forty.
But I have decided to embrace this day, embrace it like an elderly great aunt, with a hairy top lip who is trying to give you a slobbery kiss, firmly with both hands, as it can’t be avoided, has to be done, and secretly you are actually quite fond of her, as she was a bit of looker when she was younger.
So as of today the faultysomething project officially begins, and I write now before the fizzy wine kicks in, as writing this blog whilst tipsy, would be like giving a five year old a loaded gun, only with slightly more humorous results. I intend on enjoying today, and heartfelt thanks to those who have wished me well today – methinks the words tomorrow and well, will not be used in the same sentence!
The streets of London will be ‘sausage’ free, as there will be no cycling today, instead I’m being taken for a meal at a Jamie Oliver restaurant for lunch (maybe he’ll offer me a job in his new school, teaching the kids how to get served underage in Threasher’s), then off to the theatre , so no danger I can get myself into any trouble.......ah, who am I kidding, I could get into trouble locked in a nunnery with a box of wine gums!

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